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PLEASE NOTE:  Urban Development Group has changed its name to Financial  Education Outreach, and we have a brand new website at: http://feocentral.org/  Please visit us there today! You'll find information on our programs and services, as well as contact and donation info. We look forward to collaborating with you! Click here to go to our new website now.

Urban Development Group, Inc.

Since 2011, Urban Development Group has focused its efforts on closing the asset building and financial literacy gaps through educating our community members about basic money matters.  We facilitate public-private partnerships that engage professionals, retirees, and persons from the financial industry in meaningful volunteer experiences that improve the financial capability of individuals least likely to have access to such programs; and focus on saving, budgeting, pitfalls of paying for needs vs. wants, and all aspects of financial health.

Our focus areas include:

1)    Financial literacy and education services that foster savings and support individuals committed to building and protecting assets through:

  • Seminars and workshops on money matters and general financial health,
  • Financial literacy education and programs for youth and low- and moderate-income people,
  • Consumer credit education and counseling, including access to credit reports and income tax preparation, and  
  • Programs that offer early exposure to career and college options, including financial aid and Individual Development Account (IDA) programs.

2)    Technical assistance and consulting services that help other community-focused organizations build their organizational capacity

  • Consultation, training, organizational development, coaching, grant writing, and technical assistance support to a wide range of nonprofits, municipalities, corporations, housing authorities, and community and faith-based organizations.
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